What Kind of Person are You?

We the people are either loosing control or have lost control! The news is getting out of hand and seem far fetched when first heard. So there was a case not sure where but in the U.S., wherein this woman allowed this known child molester and rapist, after raping her to move in her home babysit her children and repeatedly molest her 8 yrs old plus her mentally challenged 16 yrs. Mind you she knew but needed him to babysit so she can live her life. The guy end up getting two consecutive life sentences plus 20 yrs for the whole situation but the mother got nothing! Im not sure what world we live in but she should have lost as well! Her children should have ended up in the system and she should have went to jail. I know its a bad thing to say but what I didn’t tell you is that prior to this guy molesting her children another guy did it before him so the same two children been raped on two different occasions by two different guys. Where is the defense system when you needed from her she is really the monster in all this?
Then I was watching as four black men car jacked a white couple still in the U.S. They rape both the man ans woman, strangled them both, cut, shot stabbed and then burned them. When they were caught they each said the other did it. Awaiting the outcome on this situation more when it becomes available. Right here in Maryland a Pastor planned, plotted and paid two men to kill a mentally challenged man for fake life insurance policies he took out on him. Then only got seven years for the murder of this mentally challenged man! Was there justice being served here or did the system once akin fail the victim and his family?
Is that enough or shall I continue?
Some years back my nephews best friend was killed by a known child molester. His mother met him and befriended him knowing this information. The boy was repeatedly molested while in the care of his so called “step father” while mommy was high downstairs or in the next room. She says she thought he was getting a beaten for something he had done. She claimed she didn’t know he was molesting her son. Here the fucked up part of the whole situation. The man that killed and molested her son is back on the streets because she didn’t testify against him and the evidence wasn’t strong enough to convict him. They are still together til this day and high now more then ever. Where is justice for the little boy and his sisters and brothers. Why isn’t mommy in jail? More importantly why isn’t the psycho who brutally abused and killed this little boy not in jail or dead? Because the system fails and does so repeatedly. There is enough hate in the world and when the system fails, citizens, victims, and others become either vigilantes or bounty hunters, head hunters because they want blood for blood, an eye for an eye. So I ask you what kind of person are you? The type who watches, waits, or do! The type that’s calling for real justice in this country we call America or one that says it wasn’t my family so….! Then call for justice or cry for help when it does become your family! Well!


Published by missk22

I am a free spirit! Speak my mind a lot. Published author! Business & Psychology major! AA in Healthcare Administration; BBA in Accounting/Finance. Working on my masters in Psychology. Mother, hairstylist, nail technician and so much more.

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