Trying to Fight the Fight

Everyday I try to fight a good fight.  I try to win battles I know isn’t mine but still I rage on.  I have been down lonely streets and streets filled with others whether friend or foe, still I wage on.  I have been beaten, cut, shot and sexual assaulted still I live on.  Why is it that I must endure all this and still isn’t nowhere but where I am?  I ask for nothing but still receive the worse.  I pray for so very little and work hard to get even more but still I just survive.  Every chance I get I assist others in their war in life.  I have fought for so many and not in the physical, hurtful sense even those some times war have led to such but I try my best for it never to end in violence.  I walked away from pain, but still carry the hurt.  I have cry my last tears but still carry the sorrow of others.  I have begged and bargained with the Lord and still things haven’t gone in my favor.  I have questioned my life and still I am here.  Everyday I still fight the fight and until I am called home I will continue to fight the fight.

Personally sending you all love and blessings for all who have fought the fight and remain fighting.  #GoddessLove


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