Quick rant

I can’t stand a fake bitch more or less one who wants to be like me. When she see that shit falls she gets upset with herself because bitch you can’t possibly be upset with me. You should take a gun and literally blow you brains out because your misery cannot have my company. No I’m not upset I’m just setting the fucking record straight. You is a jealous having as whore always have been and always will be. No wonder no one fucks with you bitch no one can stand your dumb ass. Don’t be mad at me because you make dumb ass decisions and when shit goes wrong no one but me is in your corner. For all I care you are nothing, a bum on the street can get more from me than you. Next time shit goes wrong don’t call on me. Im not available ever again for you. Damn this bitch is dead to me. Lawd erase this hoe from my memories please. Thanks I see her no more. Who? Don’t know her.


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