Lord Blessings

Lord hear my prayer, I am hurting and I don’t know where.
My heart is in fear, my eyes are in tears.
Why must I live in such pain?
Life’s greatest challenges, my life it has not claimed, so tell me why I point the blame.
Thoughts shot to hell in flames!
The concept of life, I yet to grasp; “live to die, then reincarnated into something better?”
I really don’t think that it is clear.
So don’t leave me in the dark! Forsake me not but bring me into the light.
Mischievous thoughts go through my mind.
I come to realize I am uncertain as to why I am here.
You have to had put me here for a reason!
Pleasure couldn’t have been;
Pain caused enough;
Love lost in doubt;
Joy really do not know what that’s about;
But I am certain, clear and understand one factor, I am here to serve you in whatever it is you want me to do!


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