Just because

Just because I say goodnight doesn’t mean I wont say good morning.
Just because I said goodbye doesn’t me I wont say hello
Just because I say I love you doesn’t mean I really like you.
Just because I don’t like you doesn’t mean I don’t love you.
Just because I like you doesn’t mean I want to be around you or be with you
Just because I speak to you doesn’t mean I want to hold a conversation.
So much can be said without saying it & so much should be said when saying it.
The perception is key!
Because not everything is for everyone & not everyone should be privilege to everything.
Somethings need to be on the explanation block & other are self explanatory.
For those who need a little help guide them so no miscommunication will be lost or misconceptions implied.
The rules for engagements are to be firm when making a point & direct so there is no room for implications or deceptions.

If you agree or disagree either way I would love to hear.


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