I am devoted to God for he is my one and only leader. I shall follow him for an eternity. I am devoted to my Lord Jesus because he is the only man who has sacrificed for me. He gave up his life for my life; if that’s not pure love it don’t know what is love then. He didn’t even hesitate, didn’t give it a second thought, didn’t negotiate, just took life at face value because he knew his father wouldn’t leave his side not one time. My Father God is so devoted that he raised his son and returned life to him on the third day. Now that a miracle no other can perform. All so I can live my life without fear, without judgement, without being sacrificed, without hatred, but with joy, happiness, love, contentment and knowledge. With the wisdom he has bestowed upon me I can give it to another and with criticism. So for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you Lord God for everything; pain, suffering, joy, happiness, kindness, disbelief, belief, comfort, knowledge, wisdom, intelligence, and the ability to know right from wrong, in from out, and up from down. Praise you forever I welcome your everything in Jesus name! Amen!


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