My owner or purchaser couldn’t figure out my worth so he placed me in a yard sale.
Once purchased for way less than my value, the new owner didn’t know why he purchased me so he gave me away.
The third owner took me found my use and abused me until I wouldn’t work anymore, so he decided he was done with me.
One day a friend was over and repaired me but my owner had no need for me so he told him if you want it, you can have it.

It took three owners to damage me, one new owner to fix me, one God to guide me to the right person.

Once he got me home he cleaned me up and stood back and watched me for a while then realized the first person who had me was just stupid, my second owner was unsure of his worth so he couldn’t see mine, my third owner was not ready to have a precious gift in his presence.
After a while he enjoyed my use, my purpose, my ease, my convenience, my touch, my look, my shine, my goal my worth and the pleasure I brought him.

With the saying “one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure!” Damaged I was but set in unworthy people hands and possession. Now serving a higher purpose of joy and happiness because my worth is understood and valued! 


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