A Better Me!

First I stand here begged, borrowed, and broken. My eyes full of tears, not knowing where my next meal is coming from. My family’s face torn with hunger from the poverty we face. Short of dignity, ashamed of nothing for I have to find a way. I can only now look to you, for my way has hindered me and only carry pain. I never thought that I would be here for my pride was too great. My thoughts would not humble themselves to a level of need. My heart would dare to bare the pain but look at all the hurt I cause because of such. Misery was my friend and my lover for I only crawled in bed with anger. Taring away my clothes of hope and covering up with false promises. Washing away fear and putting on my blame. My mind full of disappointment and hands full of guilt, but I only see me in the mirror pointing the finger. Look into my children face for comfort but how when in my eyes all I can see is hate. A smile is a cry for redemption, a tear is a splash of joy, a sign of relief. A head hung low was pleasure! Do my eye deceive me? They couldn’t because they are starring me right in the face. Is my mind playing tricks on me? Not possible because I could do no wrong.
But at last I see a light, I can hear a heart beat, I can feel the coldness on my neck! Do I dare declare death or is this new life, a second chance to get it right? For now I can hear, see, and feel my way to a better way and why? Because I found God! A better road to follow, a better light to guide me in my darkest hour, to know that all I have to do is call on him! For he will not forsake me or leave me.  “A Better Me!” 


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