Freaky Friday – Solve The Mystery! Game

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First give praise and worship to the all High.

Last we had just discovered the body of Joshwin Morgan, chemistry major at a seclusive party of the elite eight.

This week the detective dig deeper. First they went to the dorm room of Annabell Pete, Sociology major. She thought she wasn’t a suspect because she told them what they wanted to hear. “Ms. Pete, my partner and I would like to ask you some more questions, if you are up to it?” “I am more than willing to answer any questions you may have. I need to know what happened to Josh.” “Well we were hoping you can tell us. You were there so you know more than we do.” “It was like any other party. The Elite didn’t party with others because…well they don’t get us. You know being geniuses and all.” “Wait you all been declared genius?” “Yes we have! My IQ is 182. I have three doctorates in Modern Medicine, Psychiatry, and Biology. Now I’m getting my docorate in Sociology.” “Wow! How old are you again?” “I am 28 years old, well accomplished, and financially stable. I own a business and my own home. I know what you are going to ask. Why live on campus right? It’s the experience that makes getting a fourth degree magical. Plus all my colleagues are here so why not?” Unaware that they haven’t asked any questions yet and Anabell had controlled the whole interview, she excused herself. Without knowing she manipulated the whole interview they allowed her to leave.

They them pulled Danielle Fig, Astronomy major from her class to speak to her. “Ms. Fig do you remember us?” “I’m an astronomy major I remember everything!” Then you won’t mind us asking you about the party the other night would you?” “It’s for Joshy I don’t mind.” “What happened at the party? Did someone get angry or say something that caused Mr. Joshwin Morgan’s death?” “Well sir, we were all having a good time; drinking beaker shots. When I asked Ingrid how was the research coming along. You know she’s dedicated to finding a cure for Andre. Well we all are especially since he’s a great, anthropologist.” “Wait what, we were told that he studies Astrophysics?” “That’s now of course, he has a PhD in Anthropology as well as in Physics. He’s a genius you know.” “Right! What about you? What other degrees do you have?” “Well I have a Master’s in Physics, and Political Science, as well as a doctorate in Theology. Now if you would excuse me I believe my class is almost done and I have missed most of the lesson.” Again, dismissed without asking their questions or them being answered.

“One more partner and then we will head back to the office to weigh on what we have discovered so far.” “Honestly, what have we discovered so far?” They caught up with Mitch Michaels, Psychology major as he was crossing the quad. “Mr. Michaels may we have a word or two with you?” “If you must!” “We just spoke to Ms. Pete and Ms. Fig; they had interesting things to say about Mr. Morgan. Now we want to hear what you have to say about him.” “I have nothing bad to say about him, he was a good guy. He was a great friend. He was the kind of person that would do anything for anyone. He was even cool with me dating Annabell after their breakup. I can’t believe he’s dead.” ” Besides dating Annabell were you ever involved with anyone else?” “You know Josh and I fooled around a little. You know he was bi but didn’t believe in titles. He just wanted to be who he was and that’s that. Me however, I don’t mind the title at all. I am a proud bi-sexual male. I have to go, I’m late for class. Also you should go back and talk with Danielle, she had the most to gain from Josh death.” Shocked the detective walked back to Danielle’s class only to find out she left behind them.

Next week find out what Danielle is hiding and what the rest of the Elite 8 have to offer up on Joshwin’s death.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday – Solve The Mystery! Game

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Help Detectives solve this mysterious murder. Remember it’s only fiction!

A group of eight college students are partying in a dorm room on campus. They always party together because people on campus call them the elite eight. Joshwin Morgan (Chemistry major); Annabell Pete (Sociology major) Danielle Fig (Astronomy major); Mitch Michaels (Psychology major); Kevin Gope (Neurology major); George Weng (Biochemistry major); Ingrid Louts (Physiology major); Andre Willis (Astrophysics major), all were friends who were inseparable. Together they were a powerful force. One night while partying Joshwin Morgan, chemistry major comes up unresponsive. A panic call is made to 911. The medics arrives but unfortunately they are too late. Homicide is then called in because medics finds the scene and Joshwin a little odd.

Upon the police arrival, the medics explain that he was murdered, and someone; more than one person had sex with him while he was dead. There’s a condom in his rectum as well as on his penis. They collected bodily fluids as well as pubic hairs. We suspect foul play and since these are the only people here, these are your suspects.

“I’m Detective Johnathon and this is my partner Detective Sweets. We are here because our forensics says this is a homicide. Since we know it was only you 8 here then we know it’s only you 7 involved. My partner will take statements from you all.”

Detective Sweets pills out her pad to take notes. “You with the long black hair, you go first.” “I’m Annabell Pete (Sociology major).” “How do you know the victim?” He used to date a few months back. He was my first love. His name is Joshwin Morgan and he’s a chemistry major. I can assure you that no one here murdered Josh. We all love him and look up to him. This has to be a mistake.” “How old are you?” “Twenty-eight, today. It’s my birthday, reason for your gathering; otherwise we would be studying. Annabell storms off in tears. The detective sends a officer after her. “Next, you with the soft baby blue eyes and small frame.” “I’m Danielle Fig, Astronomy major; and I too once dated Joshy.” “We were soulmates, until I failed my mid-term. He told me we had to break up because it was a distraction from the goal.” “What goal is that?” “Me becoming an Astronomer.” She froze silently and sat down. “I guess she’s done, come on pretty boy; you’re next.” “I am Mitch Michaels, Psychology major and Josh best friend. We didn’t play in the majors but we both batted a few times in the minors, if you get what I’m saying.” “Are you telling me, you and Mr. Morgan we lovers?” “No not lovers just experimented a few times, that’s all. I love women! In fact I’m have been seeing Annabell for the last year.” A shocked Detective walked over to the next suspect. “You are sir?” “I’m Kevin Gope, Neurology major; and George’s boyfriend.” “Who is George?” “The extremely sexy guy sitting in the corner. But I should tell you that I use to fool around with Josh before I came out.” “Why am I not surprised!” She wispered as she walked away. “I am a very disturbed George Weng, Biochemistry major and lover to Kevin; how can I help?” “Did you ever have sexual relations with the victim?” “Yes, I was the one who told Joshwin he was bi-sexual. He didn’t want to believe he was attracted to both sexs but after a secret love affair with me, he knew.” Before she could ask. “I’m Ingrid Louts Physiology major and this is Andre Willis Astrophysics major, we are lovers and he only speaks sign language. He’s deaf as of 2 years ago. Freak accident in chemistry caused a bacterial infection which made him lose his hearing. We have been working to restore his hearing and find a cure for the infection.” “Your fields have nothing to do with that area.” “Detective science is science and since we all are friends as well as scientists; we’re doing the research as a group. Hello chemists, sociologist, biochemist, neurologist, physiologist, and astrophysicist! We are the elite eight, so I think we got this!” She grabbed Andre’s hand and walked off.

Who do you all think did it? Who had motive we will find out as the weeks goes on. Solve the mystery!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Freaky Friday – Types Of Sexual Personalities

Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Last week we looked at type one sexual personality, this week we look at type two.

Type 2: Innovator Sexuality Birth Date between May 13 and July 3

  • Sex tends to be based upon their changeable mood. They don’t have fixed sexual positions or foreplay styles. They are sexually spontaneous and will attempt offbeat sexual maneuvers and eroticism. They enjoy innovating and experimenting with various types of sexual feelings, touches, moods, words, and positions more than they like physical sex.
  • Female Innovators
    • These females tend to use a nurturing approach to sex. They prefer sexual partners that encourage her to explore sex techniques. They like males that are sure of their ability to sexually please her. Sexual servitude to her sex needs excites her to be more erotic. Innovators’ moods for sex are influenced by the ups and downs of her social life. Sex tends to be a fun-loving activity and more of a dream sensation than a physical activity. They like sex positions and petting to be an adventure of surprise.
  • Male Innovators
    • Males tend to use a nurturing approach to sex. They have a vivid sexual imagination and don’t like limitations set on their sexual conduct. Innovators seem to be involved in the emotional temperature of the female’s sexism. These men are sexually moody and don’t like to feel emotionally obligated. They don’t like questions about their sexual behaviors or thoughts nor do they want to show that a woman’s sexual personality has changed them. Innovators become sexually bored if sex constantly demands them to redefine themselves or their feelings or sexual motives.

Knowing who you are compatible with sexually will help you know who you are mentally compatible with. They may or may not be the same person.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

What Women Think Occasionally 2

What Women Think Occasionally 2

Goddess Afternoon Royals

Last I left you all she and her husband was just finish making love for the second time after her second encounter with her sexy stranger.

She couldn’t help but to think of this man they had a connection in which she could act on but dare to or will she?  She wanted so much to tell her husband about the stranger but she couldn’t because he would know she had interest in another man.  She would have to use her girls for therapy to get herself from under the spell of this man.  Her husband thinking he needed to do something different but the same as before, went back to wearing the same cologne he knows sexually arouses his wife.  He rushed out to the store and brought him the largest bottle they sold of this cologne.  When he got back home he could hear her telling her friends about their encounter.

He heard he say sex with him drives her mad and she need to have more and more of him everyday.  She hope that all her sexual attractions to him doesn’t drive him away because she really like what he does for her.  Think made him very excited and he wanted to do more to keep her excited.  He showered and then put on the cologne that made her crazy for sex with him.  He walked pass the door of her study several times, but nothing happened.  He couldn’t understand it.

He knocked on the door to her attention but she was heavy into the conversation that all she did was speak.  She inhaled and  the aroma captivated her desire to be pleased, so she told her girlfriends she will have to call them back.  She then undressed herself and  began to pleasure herself.  He stood in the doorway and watch as she brought pleasure to herself and he did the same.  Wishing it could have went different, he just ejaculated and went on his way.  Confused as to why she didn’t jump on his and have her way with him again, he just got in the truck and drove off.  He drove to his home boy’s house to talk this over with him.  Homeboy was home, so he decided to drive around and think on what happened.

Third Encounter 

She didn’t know where her husband went but her girls had asked her to come out with them for happy hour.  She didn’t mind anything to get her mind of this guy she never had a conversation with and probably never will.  Even though she had sexual fantasies about him while making love to her husband.  She showered and got dressed to head out to happy hour with her girls.  When she reached the lounge her girls was already there.  She parked right beside one of her girlfriends vehicle or at least it looks like hers. She joined them they had already ordered her a virgin sex on the beach.  She sat down with the saddest look upon her face.  Her girls were now more concern with this problem, but told her they cannot allow it to get in between her and her marriage.  She sulked and agreed.  As the night went on the stranger walked over to her and kindly introduced himself again.  She almost died when heard his deep powerful voice.  She looked up and saw 6’7″ of pure chocolate and melted in her chair.  Almost speechless she gathered herself up enough strength to say hello.  He asked could he be seated with her and before she could answer her girls left the table and offered him a seat.  She blushed and her heart started beating fast, throat got dry, hands started shaking and her vagina got wet.  She didn’t know if she should continue to sit there or should she walk away with her marriage on the line.  He talk to her about everything he could in reference to his business, life, family and wants as well as needs.  She was intrigue because not once did he mention sex.

He asked her to dance and so they did.  She grind on him as if he was her husband and he didn’t mind one bit.  Then he hit her with the question that make all women respond in a manner of like or dislike.  Are you as good in bed as you are on this dance floor?  She took a step back and gathered everything in her to walk away to keep her marriage intact.  She head back to the table with her girlfriends and told them she needs to leave right now before her marriage is over.  Her desire to withstand this man had left the soul she had promised to another.

She got in her car and drove straight home as fast as she could.  She saw that her husband was home and so she knew she would take all this sexual tension out on him.  She walked through the door and he came downstairs.  He said we need to talk but she rushed right to him and kissed him like she haven’t seem him all day.  Not sure what was going on he enjoyed the moment and will talk to her afterwards, if he could remember.

Tearing away his clothes she went down on him and he couldn’t believe it.  She haven’t given him oral sex in years.  He almost forgot the reason he truly could never let her go and this was it.  He couldn’t think anymore, she had stolen his soul.  He almost fell into a coma like stage of pure enjoyment.  He release and she caught it all.  She then walked away and into the shower.   As she walked up the stairs she asked him what was on his mind but as she looked back he was curled in a fetus position sleeping.  She knew she still had it.  She grabbed the blanket off the bed and took it to him so he wouldn’t wake with cold.  After she showered she went down and cooked dinner for the both of them and woke him from his slumber.

He woke and the both sat on the floor and ate dinner.  She knew now she was in more trouble then she thought because all the oral sex she just gave her husband was what she wanted to do to the stranger.

Once again I am going to leave you all right there and return tomorrow with the final conclusion of her last encounter.