Timeless Tuesday

Goddess Morning Royals.

Family, friends and associates, every Tuesday I try to make it a timeless day.  This Tuesday I am going to do it again.  While I am taking care of my only daughter and preparing for what I hope to be another fabulous Mother’s day, I will still make today a day to remember.  I am going to spend this time with my brother and my sister with my daughter still being taken care of.  We will have her laughing again in no time at all. I love when my family comes together we seem to know how to lift one another’s spirits even though it be those times when we also cause pain.

I feel bad about those times but I try to keep those time from happening as much as possible.  So we are going to make this Tuesday peaceful and blessed by bringing my daughter spirits up and restoring her joy.  She is feeling down about the accident but I reminded her that she still have life in her and that all that matters right now.  Everyone got to go home to their families and in my book that is a pretty awesome reunion after any tragedy.  Praise the Lord.

This Timeless Tuesday lift someone’s heart, spirits and mind from the dark place.  Give them more of a reason to appreciate life than what they have to.  Enjoy yourself as well because if you don’t then it is not timeless it’s just a Tuesday.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

*Side Note: Since I didn’t post yesterday I will post again as a makeup post for yesterday

Goddess Evening Royals.  Yes today was  hectic but I recovered from it by spending the remainder of the day with my sister.

So first I know that all my days are supposed to be timeless but I try my best to make Tuesday’s timeless because I getting over Monday blues, and know Wednesday is hump is hard to get over if I didn’t nothing to make it worth living that Tuesday.

On this Timeless Tuesday, I took in breakfast with my sister Kinisha and then we have a nice relaxed day after the chaos first.  Not to spoil my day I will not talk nor introduce you to that madness but instead I will share my moments of joy with of my sister and I.

It is always a pleasure spending time with family if you ask me and well even if you didn’t I love to share.  Since I always pick up my granddaughter London from school, my sister joined me in doing so today.  We all went to the playground and played on the swings, and chased each other around.  I felt like old but enjoyed myself like a child.  I know I am going to pay for it in the morning but who cares, I love spending that quality time with my family.  Who know what tomorrow will bring, I don’t so I try to live in the moments given.  Besides it was a warm and sunny, beautiful day.  I will see what tomorrow will offer me and I will share it tomorrow but today welcome to my Timeless Tuesday.

Go and make the rest of you day Timeless and enjoy life as it is yours to enjoy.

Sending you all love and kisses.   #GoddessLove