Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I am not a fan of any holiday but that doesn’t mean in the spirit of fun I cannot post something positive to lift others.

As the children and parents who are lovers of this holiday prepare for the venture out I pray for their safety and joy. My granddaughter will give out treats to the children who thrust upon our door. She will also be dressed as a Unicorn Princess from “My Little Pony”. She loves the toys, show and all things Unicorn.

So to all you ghosts, goblins, princesses, princes, witches, warlocks, dragons, superheros, or other creatures and characters you all can think of, please be careful and aware of your surroundings. Not all is out for fun, and not all is about allow others to have fun either. It is just the way life is right now and I pray for better times.

So get out and enjoy yourselves. Have as much fun as possible and return to your love ones safe.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! The Journey

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Chapter 10.  The Family Journey

Now that we have established some rules and highlighted things that we know is bad.  We can now be on a greater path to continuous living.  Of course, this journey will have great obstacles but we been through diverse situations before and pulled through.  Now the healing begins and shall continue on through our seeds and those forth coming. 

We have empowered our minds, souls, and spirits.  Our bodies are no longer withered with drugs and alcohol or tarred from tobacco.  We are looking clean, clear, and confident that the future will and shall change.  We are saying no to “society” and yes to reality.  Giving the community and the village a thumb’s up.

We are putting our families first again and starting a new.  Fresh ideas and making sense of them, while implementing them.  Our streets are safer for our children.  They are able to play in them.  We as women and men are able to walk through them proudly.  The streets are clean, trash cans are on every corner.  Children have manners and are respectful.  The village is forming a new and lives are changing for the better.  Help is in every neighborhood and a friend in every door way.  Smiles are brighter, hearts are healthier, thoughts are purified.  The past is at our backs and the future is in our sights. 

We are no longer bound and gagged by “society,” nor are we enslaved in our own mind.  We have been set free and will remain so.  For this is a new day for us and when we find ourselves in trouble or heading backwards, the village will grab our hand and tell us to hold on, “we got you.”  We have reclaimed our thrones as Kings and Queens and shall not be removed ever again, only to pass the torch to our Princesses and Princes. 

We have shut out negativity and brought in love and prosperity in its’ place.  We may not always be happy but we are far from destruction walking our path again.  We have seen the past creep up from behind us and try to make us revert back to our ancestors. 

We know there will be trials and tribulations but we will face them together as a nation.  Only then can we keep the devil himself out of our homes, lives, and communities.  No man’s an island, no man stands alone.  

As a nation, again we stand for justice, against “society,” brutality.  We fight against “society’s” poison into the Black communities.  We build our own homes, financially back our own people.  We recycle our money throughout own communities.  We farm and grow our own fruit and vegetables.  We open the doors to educating our own children properly.   We focus on their future as well as ours.  We plan ahead for uncertainties.

There is no more I in our Team.  From this day forth we are the people for the people, by the people, loving the people, and understanding the people.  The real Gods and Goddess have return to stand with and not above or beyond the people but side by side. 

We are a colorful, flavorful nation in all shapes and size.  We no longer mess with what Mother Earth has blessed us with.  We take pride in our bodies and enjoy life.  We are no longer consumed by what “society” think is healthy, beauty, pretty, or good enough according to their standards and rules.  We all are beautiful and healthy in our own ways.

We are producing movies, and banking for ourselves, carrying the weight of our people together as a nation should.  We are no longer concerned with the punishment of your God for the Higher Power has delivered us and we serve a high power than what is written in your book.  Our religion is not based upon hate but full of love and understanding with acceptance and joy.  We no longer poisoning our children with your cures which leads to death anyway.  No longer will we be plagued by your rules and violations that lead to our demise.  No longer will we be persecuted or discouraged by your suppression. 

Oppression is no longer a vocabulary word we fear nor hold in a sentence.  Your ways are done and my people are proud to be who they are.  We are a multitude of colors in a variety of shades, but we are no longer divided into light skin and dark skin people.  We are no longer separated or segregated into field niggers and house niggers.  We are black proud people South Africans and South African Americans.  We are one nation under the Higher Power and Savior.  Understand we are proud people no matter the circumstance, we learned to hold our heads up high with nothing long time ago, but we have more than we think we have.  We have enriched knowledge and understanding of our lives and ancestors for we have done the research and pass what they wanted us to know but more of what we needed to know.  So even when we have nothing, we still have something, but now we have a reason to always keep our heads held high because we are bettering ourselves and accomplishing more.  We are loving and caring more for our people.  We are no longer harming the next man for what he has because we have as well.  We have the power, respect, and money to buy what we want when we want. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond!

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

So, if we aren’t watching over our children and guiding them with a strong and safe heart, the predators are watching them and can’t wait until they are vulnerable enough to strike.  They lead our children right from our homes with promises that what they can offer will be better.  Our children not knowing that we punish them and discipline them because we love them, believe that these predators can offer more.  When they find out that they have been tricked, it’s too late.  We need to educate our children of the seriousness of these monsters and speak to them on matters that already happened.  Show them all these children that are exploited every day and are taken from their families to do God knows what to whom or vice versa to have God knows what done to them.  Be very careful and mindful that not all people are good and not all people are evil.  Educate them and teach them how to recognize the difference between the two. 

Like I said education starts at home, because it begins in the womb. 

Photo by Ilzy Sousa on Pexels.com

Yesterday a child was kidnapped from her parent’s car at a traffic light! A week ago a 2 years and 3 years old was shot, both fighting for their lives. A three years old was kidnapped from a party and later found dead by officials. In Baltimore alone 100 children from the ages of 12 -17 have been shot or murdered on these streets. There are thousands upon thousands of missing children across this world. Where are the morals and values for the future. Why is it that our children doesn’t stand a chance of survival in this world? I wish I could say it was all at the hands of others, but I would be lying. We, the people have to believe in the people in order to have a future. Otherwise, all we shall ever have is the past and death, history is teaching us that.

I saw first hand yesterday, wherein a boy; because I cannot in good faith call him a man; approached me and my mechanic with intentions of harming us. I asked him what was the problem and his clearly stated to me that my mechanic keeps looking at him funny. I asked him is that your reason for coming into our space. He said I can go where I please. I told him this is almost true, but you cannot violate someone else’s space and think that they are supposed to say something or look at you to understand why you are within their comfort zone. He told me that my mechanic should apologize and stop looking at him. I told him to move on with all that nonsense because no one is dying here today nor are we for the bull. He then walked away but not without provoking the situation. I told my mechanic to pack up because there is no way I am going to allow him to do harm to you nor I. He was allured to the idea of harming him now in the line of self defense. I told him that, that will not be necessary because I am a peace maker if nothing else. I sent my mechanic away as well as the boy. I checked on my mechanic and he is doing fine, still a little heated but I told him had the situation escalated that he wouldn’t be able to tell me that he is just a little heated. He would have either been dead or in jail for nothing when clearly this man wanted something that we both refused to give him reason to harm either of us. #MakeADifference not a scene.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 6.

Goddess morning Royals. First, gie praise and worship to the all High.

I was down and out for the count last week. I do apologize for the delay and the lack of warning for the posts. Something nasty had came over me an had me in here feeling like a steam roller ran me over. I was sick beyond reason so I rested and now I am back and ready to finish our journey.

We as people must learn a different strategy to living in order to be a better nation of people.  Our strategy is to just fold and submit.  We can no longer submit to those who oppose us, enslave us, beat us, demoralize us, nor humiliate us.  We have to be smarter because we are smarter.  We are the race they fear, we are the creators and inventors of all things unearthly.  We believe in a higher being just not the one they want us to believe in.

For me the biggest part of slavery for slaves was;

F – Frightened of their surroundings and their captives.

E – Emotionally cried for familiarity.

A – Afraid for the life of their love one more than their own.

R – Run to where or whom? To have worst done than what is being done or have less than they were given.

Being force into a strange land and not knowing the outcome of where to go, what to do, or who to trust, created a safe haven in their master/captives.  Obedience became a necessity and submission became the only choice.  I believe this is the same reason our people live the way they do now.  Afraid of rocking the boat, afraid that their captive will no longer take care of them.  Afraid for their lives they rather hurt one another than to have the massive upset, but if your only fear the unknown, because who are the massive, then that make you just as stupid as you are afraid.  If you’re not sure of who you are, how can you be sure of who they are?  For all you know you could be the massive.

If you learn nothing else in this life learn how not to give your life to the system.  Once they have you, they will never want to let go.  They always will refer to that one incident or think nothing more for you than a criminal.  You may have some that understand that you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, but not very many.  Your past will come to haunt your life, your future is calling on it.

With all your wisdom, your ability to learn and grow, your desire of freedom, your pleasure of calling your own shots, your motivation for better; stay out of the system.  Do your part so that you can show our youngsters that being tough isn’t about going to jail, no that is easy, being tough is about staying out of trouble and out of jail!

Because as we all know it is easy to get into trouble but hard as hell to stay out of it or it’s way; not to mention get out of it once you’re in it.  Teaching and educating our children shouldn’t be a challenge it should be an everyday thing like feeding them, “a necessity.”

As a child growing up in Baltimore, crime was specific to men only, meaning no one killed women and children.  You had a curfew not by the city or state but by your parents.  Had to be on the steps by time the street lights came on or else.  You knew to respect your elders and mind your P’s and Q’s (your own business).  Stay out of grown folks faces and conversations.  Children should be seen and not heard unless spoken is a rule but not such a great rule any longer.  *This is how I see predators getting to the children without them being able to tell parents about it.  Learn something new every day.  Once on the block that’s where you stay until it was time to go in for bed.

Saturday morning chores was washing the house, clothes, mop the floors, doing the dishes and bathe.  Clean the steps, sweep the front, and windows.  Then you could go anywhere, if you said where and be back before night fall.  Sunday was church no, if, and or butts about it.  Monday – Friday was school or learning depending on the season.

Summers was extra fun, because as long as we were on the block and moms or dads of the village was out, we could be outside.  Once there were no adults you had to go in.  Now days all that’s out the window.  Children don’t want to learn, they don’t want to do chores, they don’t want to respect home so out in the street is out of the question.  They don’t play games because technology is killing their brain cells.  All they want is the latest technology and to share all their personal business on social media.  Then have the audacity to say someone is snitching on them. Child bye!  Hello!  Stupid social media is a tracking station for stupidity.  If you stop doing stupid and idiotic bullshit then you wouldn’t think that someone have time to snitch on you.  Then you know there are cameras everywhere you go and that “society” is watching everything you do.  So how can say someone is snitching, dummy you snitched on yourself.

Anyone who share stupid, illegal situations are being tracked straight to the front door. 

While we are on the subject of educating our children, how about we teach them manners and how to use them.  Respect could take them a long way and we all know that.  Teach them how to speak to people and that “huh”, or “sup” is not a proper way to speak to an adult who opens their mouth to speak to them. 

“Hello, Good Morning, Good Afternoon, Good Evening,” proper ways of addressing someone.  Also, teach them that when entering a room or walking pass someone that speaking will not hurt them at all.  The same way we are learning a new; our children should also be learning a new.  Teach our young men to pull up their pants and not advertise their home life to all.  If they need to vent then they should learn to vent to you or a family member and not complete strangers.  When children open this door, and allow strangers into their lives they become prey and all types of things starts to happen in which they are not equipped to handle.  Now if they are a part of that trusting village that you have built then yes, sure go right ahead and vent to the village but if not, then family it is.  Teach our young women to dress appropriate so they don’t have to worry about uninvited or unwarranted attention from predators or perverts. 

Remember child predators likes both sex and all ages and doesn’t really care who knows it. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 5.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

So why do you have to be abused in order to get it? Would you rather get it nice, plain and simple?  Your mind isn’t acceptable to that.  This how I know we’re still enslaved in our own minds, because we must be beaten, ridiculed, humiliated, demoralized for us to get it.  We cannot be spoken to like civilized people in order for us to comprehend what is being said to us. 

Comprehension is based on your ability to perceive what is being delivered to you.  If you cannot receive it none violently, calmly, collectively, then that is why people deliver things to you the way they do; nasty, blunt, direct, cursing, demeaning, and condemning your soul because you’re not getting it.  This is not how we are supposed to be able to receive anything.  It is all based on our ancestor, how they were abused and treated.  This is how they were taught to receive things from their captive, because when they did want to receive anything and tried to tune them out, the slave masters beat it out and into them.  They verbally assaulted, verbally diminished, demoralized them!  They did everything they could do to get their message across to them.  It has been passed down from generation to generation.  So now it the only way we can be susceptible to information received.

That must stop that has to change, we as black people have to do better to feel better, to give better, to get better.  I don’t know how many times I must say that one line.  Well, until we get the picture, this the only way we are going to be able to grow.  Because we’re the greatest civilization which means we should be doing more, living better, creating more, developing more.  “Society” is afraid that if we unite, we will be more powerful than we ever were especially with the technology out here today.  There will be nothing no one or nothing can stop us.  We ourselves must believe this, want this, need this, and desire this.  The same way you want those new Jordan’s, the same way you desire that new BMW, you must be acceptable in order to be better.  You can no longer be driving and your grandmother is walking or drop your grandma off at the bus stop.  That makes no damn sense at all.  I see it so often that you can only do a little but when you are down you expect that little you do to add up to a lot and you expect a lot.  Come on you know you could have done more to get more.

That’s not the same as if I eat everybody eats.  That’s not when I ride, we all ride.  That’s the same shit Martin Luther King, Jr. did to the people during the boycott of the buses.  They walked and had blisters on their feet, pain in their backs, and damage to their body, mind, and spirit, while he rode pass encouraging them to keep up the revolution, saying we’re winning.

How could “we” be winning when you are riding?  How when you’re not part of the struggle but think your part of the solution?  Come on black people that’s not togetherness, that segregation of our own people.

It’s time to loosen the noose, get down from the tree, grab the whip, take a deep breath and say no more, I am no slave to anything.  I will live free for me and for my people.  My journey starts today to free my black people from their own hanging.  My children will never know what it feels like to be choked at the hands of another for they are free as well. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 4.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I myself, should have paid more attention to waking up before the sunrise to go to the farm with my grandparents to pick the fruit, to gather the eggs, to harvest the vegetables to be sold, but I didn’t.  I just did as I was told but really wasn’t paying attention.  Now I sing those should’ve, could’ve, would’ve just like everyone else.  I just wanted to rest on a Saturday until it was time for me to get up and have a childhood.  I remember it was days I said I was sick and wasn’t just so I didn’t have to go.  Now I wish I never did that. My life may have been a lot different than what it turned out in changed all those turn of events.

All I want to do is play hop scotch, catch one catch all, red light green light, world, hide and go seek, block ball, volley ball, laser tag, and skillet were our past time, not sitting in front of the computer or always at the video games. I didn’t want to learn how to farm and now I wish I had paid attention. 

If you don’t learn anything from the elders of your family then how do you teach the children of their heritage, growth, and future.  How do they know where they are going if they don’t know where they came from?  If they don’t know the struggles then they can’t know the battles, wars won, lives lost, not the mission or goals set by their ancestors.

If no one is teaching them other than what they learning in school, how can they be proud of what people did for them so they could have the life that they have now?  How can they make life better for the generations coming behind them?  Before they can be proud of where they came from you must first be proud to know of your history.  It may not all be pleasant but it is yours and of you just the same.

I question my elders as often as I can.  I want to know of my family’s history.  I want to know of their pain, and struggle, strength and endurance.  I want to know how they overcome their poverty, abusers, captives, hardships, diversity, fate, anger, pride, and fears.  I want to know what they went through for me to be where I am today.  I don’t want to hear about it from someone who knows nothing of my family’s personal trials and tribulations.

I want to be able to share with my children and their children’s children of our family’s background, as well as tell my struggles and growth.  Families like our needs to know because we aren’t sure of who we are and where we come from.  I have been trying my hardest to trace my family’s history through archives and more.  It is not an easy task I can tell you that.  It’s like pulling teeth that aren’t loose.  It’s like banging a screw with a hammer eventually you get into something but it’s going to take a while.  I want so much knowledge of the past to understand the presence that I myself ask older neighbors of their history and they eyes light up because they want to tell their stories so bad to someone that will listen and not just mock them of their heritage.

Okay, so this is how I know the children needs a social foundation.  I was talking to my son and he started reading but not in a very good lighting.  I tell him go read elsewhere because low, obstructive, dark lighting will destroy your eyes.  I said it calmly as possible, so he put the book down and decided he no longer wants to read.  Okay fine with me!  A few minutes later, I looked and he was back to reading the book again in the same light.  When I got verbally abusive, direct, and blunt then and only then did he hear exactly what I said.

This is the problem!  This is what I’m trying to tell you black people, when someone tells you something calmly it doesn’t ring a bell.  You just don’t get it, you’re not acceptable to it, but as soon as they are nasty, socially abusive, verbally abusive, physically abusive, or mentally abusive, you mother fuckers get it.  Then you become aware of what is going on.  You can hear and focus on what is being said, but other than that you aren’t sure what was being said to you.  This is sad!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

The Family Bond! Chapter 9…Segment 3.

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

How do we do that you ask?

Put our money back into our communities.  We build it, grow it, sell it, finance it, borrow it, price it, redirect it, film it, produce it, make it, and love it.  Then we will be able to keep it and leave it for our families and future generations.  They would fight for nothing because they have everything and knowledge on how to keep it, reproduce it, and leave it for the generations yet to come.  They know we are the people!  Don’t be fooled people we are still making America what it is, ever since the beginning.  We built the United States on our back and still building it on our dime.

Here’s the catch though they hate us but I don’t think we were the ones who ask to come here nor asked them to come here.  If Europe was so much better than the “savages” they stole this land from why didn’t you all return to this great place?  From my understanding, all who fled couldn’t return and if they tried.  They would be killed on the spot.  They themselves are the “savages, the outcast, the black sheep.”  They didn’t want to follow the rules there and then came and enforce those same rules upon the Natives of this land.  Didn’t they come and kill, rape, punish and ravage the people already here.  How can Christopher Columbus discover something someone had already found as well as inhabited? 

What they should have said was that they discovered a different type of race but they already knew of our people because the people of Spain made them fully aware of us.  The Spanish people couldn’t conquer us so they figure they would give it a try.

History already told us this correct?  What history left out was the land was ours and ours alone.  Technically, I stand corrected it is of the people, but when did God sell the natural elements, water, gas, electric, so forth and so on.  When did he sell the Earth?

He said it was for the “meek.” Are you telling me that “society” think they are the only “meek” God intend to inherit the Earth?  I think not!

I remember living in East Baltimore and most of the corner store as well as the markets were black owned and operated.  Black people had a future and something to leave the generations under them.  They had jobs when “society” decided they wouldn’t dare hire a black man.  The black community stood behind them and what they believed in.  What happened to those days?

“Society” happened to those days.  First, they poison the black community with cigarettes, then marijuana, then alcohol, and finally drugs.  Being as weak and unproductive as we could we went for it all.  Now we have it all plaguing our communities but it is spilling over into “society,” but they will find a way to control it, within their communities while still infecting our families.

Since we don’t educate our children of their heritage because we ourselves wasn’t educated nor had the will to know, our children are blinded by “society’s” history.  The only history they know is of other’s accomplishments.  Believe you, me all black families have a story, history of their own, not just the ones “society” chose to recognize but the ones they left behind or out of the history books.

We damned our elders for not having much when we should have been paying attention to their struggle to survive.  Listening and learn the stories told by them from their elders.  I too am guilty of somewhat listening but not fully.  Thinking how boring and unexciting those stories was ambushed by “society” games and television or just too wrapped up in wanting to play in the community with all my friends.  This isn’t an excuse and I dare to use it as one. 

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove