Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

I always had a dream to become a household name. People told me that I was just doing exactly that, dreaming. I didn’t allow them the satisfaction of seeing me cry so I just punched and walked away. Yes, I had a little of a short temper back then. Can’t say right now that it has greatly improved but it has improved. I have come a long way from that dream to knowing that what I want I can have. I can say my success even though small to others is great to me.

I am a published author. I have an Associates in Healthcare Administration. I have two Bachelors; one in Forensic Science and the other in Accounting/Finance. I have a Masters in Psychology and as soon as my money is better I will continue my PH.D in Neuroscience. In the meantime, I continue with my writing to release two new books this year. One being a children’s book and the other being a mystery sy-fy. Either way I am still moving towards my goal. Maybe not as fast as I thought I could but I am doing it. I have started my own clothing line as well as continue on with my diner, small but thriving. I counsel financially and emotionally, those who need me to do so. I sell jewelry for magnolia and vine at I sell shoes and purses. I have my hand in a lot of things. I also a have semi-happy Blog @missk22

My whole point is that my goal haven’t changed just my road to getting there has. I will always look for new things to get involved in and that show growth. After all that is what the mission is to improve, to show growth and to let my children know don’t allow anyone to steer your from your dream.
I make my personal investments to keep my head above water and haven’t drowned just yet. I owe it all to the ALL HIGH, because he sees the potential and promise within me.

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove


Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

We all have a family whether big or small; good or bad; blood or not. It could be someone or a group of people you grew up with or the real deal. See in my family I have 23 siblings, hundreds of cousins on my father’s side and equal as many on my mother’s side but I only beginning to realize the intensity of having so many family member. I thought having 23 siblings was tough imagine having hundreds of personalities to deal with and trying not to burst. See we are a close knit family and get even closer when we are threatened.

We all have our own lives yes but we can’t seem to stay out of each others lives as well. We fuss and fight sometimes with the physical but we always manage somehow to work it out. We dance, sing and eat together more often than most families. We share our history with our new generations. The one thing we haven’t done is abandoned one another. We have yet to see our family out on the streets or in rare form suffering. We weren’t raise to leave one another behind and so we don’t. We bare and grin but we don’t close our doors nor turn our backs on one another. We have our grandparents to thank for that passion and compassion. Even though there have been some abandonment involved by those who shouldn’t have the rest of the family picked up the slack.

We have nursed our sick and elder into health or made it comfortable in their last days with us. We have fed the whole family and didn’t care the cost. We have adopted other’s babies within the family so that no one else will have to do what our family can do. Some have slipped through the cracks but we never stopped looking for those ones. We teach our children the meaning of family with hopes that they continue on the traditions and love. We are an affectionate bunch and show it as well as say it. We gather in honor of graduations, great achievements, proud moments, births, as well as death. We are a enormous family but we have big hearts and large shoes to fill. So when we leave we pray that the ones we leave behind will remember us like we remember the one’s who have went on.

So on this day and everyday, I honor my family with love, encouragement, dedication, determination, motivation, reconciliation, passion, compassion, empathy and sympathy. I glorify them because of their achievements, persistence, ability to get back up when it seems as though the world has knocked them down. I praise them for not giving up on themselves and the others around them. I accept that some need more help than other and I don’t deem them less worthy of being praised because it take a lot of courage to ask for help or to receive it when you feel as though you don’t deserve it. I commend them on going after their goals and passion. To make life better for themselves and their families. To show our children that any and everything is possible if you just believe in yourself and allow other to believe in you as well. I cherish your dreams as if they were my own. Follow your heart to the fullest because we got your back.


Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Getting To The Truth Thursday

Getting To The Truth Thursday

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Lets jump straight into it shall we. How many of you all think you are in a one on one relationship only to find out you’re not? Well don’t be discourage because a lot of people found that out over the Valentine Day extravaganza, that they are in multiple situations. This is why this holiday doesn’t hold water to me. Yes I know I always get something and this year made no difference, but in reality if I didn’t get anything I wouldn’t be disappointed. I mean I get gifts and love 365 days a year so one day will not destroy me in any way.

What I do understand is that this is all that most have to look forward to and that is because this is what they allow. Is this your fault? Yes and no. I say that because you didn’t get involved in your life or your relationship. What you have been doing in belonging into a relationship or an endless marriage but not involved. I know you all do so much together, but how many of you share the deepest darkest secrets? How many of you know what your mate is doing when you decide to do you? Think about it, if you think you are getting away with it, so do she or he. When you think that you are in this committed relationship and find out that you are in a triangle web of lies is horrifying. When you find out that there is multiple partners involved is more devastating. When there is a child now present that wasn’t there when you met. When there is a boyfriend wherein you thought you were the husband or a girlfriend wherein you thought you vowed your life to him forever. When you find out an ex is a still ongoing thing and now you are the side piece. I see it all the time and much too often. How about when you find out that everyone knew but you? Then you blame everyone for not telling you about it. Please open your own damn eyes to see the truth and not hide behind what is given to you or what is being said to you. Yes, anyone can say that they love you but if they aren’t showing it then that’s where the problem lye. Why do you make it someone else’s business to get in your life, love and relationship? When they are there you then tell them to mind their business when isn’t beneficial to you. Then question their loyalty when it is hurtful only because you didn’t want to hear it in the beginning. Well my friends we all stand in our own way to shame the hurt and cover up the pain. We force ourselves to believe that there is no way this person could do this to me. “Not after all I have done for them!” “Not after all I have given up for them!” “Not after what I have given them!” “Not when I could have been with or loved, or done or did!” My question to you is why didn’t you just go with your instincts? Because you got in your own way and thought you could change a person instead of just moving to the side and allow nature to take it course. We have that I am better than; I can make you feel; I know I have; I am the right person syndrome and come to find out you weren’t. Your aren’t or weren’t the better; You couldn’t make them feel; You didn’t have; and of course they end up with someone else still.

The problem is no communication. People are afraid to ask the hard questions. Are you seeing someone else? Is there a new child I need to know about? Where is you loyalty and love in this relationship? Is there new skeletons I need to be aware of? Make bold statements like, I scheduled both of us for STD testing. I am going to the doctors with you and no I will not sit in the waiting room. There is no confidentiality when it comes to my health and we are married or in a committed relationship. I do it all the time. I tell my mate come go in the room with me and be there for the examination. There is no secrets when it come to me. If we are sharing bodily fluids we might as well share a doctors appointment, health report, dental visit, eye examination, or specialist visit. People say there are in a relationship and then do everything by themselves. Reason for uncertainty and secrecy. Not me I am an open book and invite my mate to all my appointments, even Gynecology because if anything is different then you made it different. I don’t play with my health, life, family, love, or money and yes in that order. So get all involved in your life, love, health, and family business. Because at the end of the day it matters to you as well. Do not rely on someone who barely holds their head up when speaking to you the truth to tell you the truth. Because I know that I am who I am and I am not here to make your feel better and me feel worse. I am not here to make life better for you while I live like shit. I am not here to play guessing games with my life, health, nor this relationship. I am here to better us and if there is no us then I surely know how to leave for the better. I am not going to throw dirt on your name because that isn’t in my character. I will however, turn a blind eye when you see the grass wasn’t greener. I will however, forgive you for your ignorance. I will however, continue to wish you the best of luck because you did me a favor. You help me dodge you; that bullet that is killing that current relationship. Thank you for showing me a different side of the mirror. I only saw the reflection I wanted to see and not the image that was stirring back.

Your life is in your hands so don’t just give someone the power of your freedom, love, health, journey, nor destiny. Don’t allow anyone to decide when any of it is over. You are your director, publicity, narrator, producer, writer and critic. So feel free to live your life like you think it should go and not how someone else views it. Get Involved in your relationships, marriage, family, home, and life. If you don’t someone else will!

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Happy Valentine Day

Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Valentine means Love am I right. It to most is a very important day and for some like myself it is just another day.

For it is when your mate shows how much they really love you. It is when you get a new look into what you believe your significant other thinks about your union together. It is when someone expressions their undying love for you in a manner you deem worthy of your affection and attention. Its when worries are put to rest and dreams are once again restored in your relationships. Its when you both find that happiness, that spark again, that you thought you both had once lost. It’s when side-chicks can’t find their pretend boyfriends and once again feel that sense of loneliness. It’s the day when troubled homes are no longer troubled and dinners are cooked, a night out on the town is planned, and romance fills the sky. It’s when you remember why he loves you and why you chose him in the beginning.

In reality shouldn’t this be the feeling everyday when it comes to true love. There shouldn’t be a one day deal and it definitely should be the only time you feel extremely special. It shouldn’t be the only day there is sparks in your relationship or the only day you feel loved. It shouldn’t be the thing that brings you two together for dinner or for a night of enjoyment. This should be a goal you reach for everyday even if it isn’t achieved but it should be at least a goal or an attempt for daily happiness.

For me it is just a commercialized holiday and where big businesses dwell and pray on your loneliness or unhappiness. They show you commercials wherein there is a happy and loving couple who just have to have that special piece of something that will make their life well worth the journey. When in fact they will be just as happy if it was July or September if they put their heart and soul into making life worth the journey.

Just ask yourself one thing is tomorrow just as good as today or will next week be the same energy? If no is the answer then find out why not? Where did that energy and love go? How can you keep this going? When did the excitement die and is it just a facade?

Sending you all kisses and love. #GoddessLove


Goddess morning Royals. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

My money have been returned for the package stolen off my steps by the thief that she is. I then went and purchase my product again because well I needed it so I can do gel nails in addition to just manicures and pedicures, tips and so forth. Now I have also added new cameras to my home so that I can more security for my family and our awareness. I put up motion detectors as well as sensor lights only to alert me more. I do so much work in my I don’t have time for people shenanigans when it come to safety. I rather not and say well I did.

Now my family and I as well as my clients feel a little more sense of security when we are doing what we need to do and don’t have to worry about extra.

Then there the scare of Glaucoma going on within me. No I am not a diabetic nor do I have high blood pressure, but for some strange reason Glaucoma wants to play a role in my existence but my Ophthalmologist tell me not to worry because it have not progressed in 10 years but still need to be monitored annually. I did have a problem with losing my sight but then thought I would still be able to survive because I pretty much know my way around my house, laptop, phone, kitchen, and block but will require the need of my family for everything else. The reason I don’t burn bridges nor cause hate among those I love and cherish.

The clothing business is coming along. I have several orders for pants suits, pants, joggers and more. That is keeping me busy. I did have a fitting the other day and it was different for me but I managed through it.

The book is on its way to the press and will be available by the end of the month or at least the beginning of March. Look out for “Twelve” and give me your feed back. It will be available at Amazon, Kindle fire, and Barnes and Noble, as well as I shall sell copies myself.

The jewelry sales is slow but it is expected but not for long. I always have a game plan in place. As for the give away no one have won yet, reason the sales are down. I’m not worried though because I still have ways of sales.

What’s new with you all? How is life treating you and yours? I would like to hear.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove


Goddess morning Royals 👑. First, give praise and worship to the all High.

Clearly, this is my home and this isn’t get package, but that didn’t stop her from taking it. I tell you one thing I have for a police report but informed them when I catch her she will be dealt with accordingly. My words exactly “I’m gonna trash her.” 😱

However, I do blame the Amazon driver who didn’t afford me the courtesy of knocking on my door. I waited for this package all day. It is a birthday gift and now my friend has to wait.

It isn’t unfair and quite disrespectful for someone to think that this is ok. What is someone was trying to Jill me and this stupid 😠motherfucker took it and blew up. Then what? Am I responsible then? This is absolutely wrong and immoral. Where is people since of values and morals? I guess there are no decency left on this planet.

Even though my money is being refund doesn’t make me happy. It make me feel like horrified to know that my information is out laying on the streets for anyone to take and use as they please. 😡😡

So please make sure in the comment section you already tell the delivery person it is not okay to leave your package out and open to the public. Just a warning though it’s only going to get worst if the shut down resume.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove