What Women Think Occasionally 2

What Women Think Occasionally 2

Goddess Afternoon Royals

Last I left you all she and her husband was just finish making love for the second time after her second encounter with her sexy stranger.

She couldn’t help but to think of this man they had a connection in which she could act on but dare to or will she?  She wanted so much to tell her husband about the stranger but she couldn’t because he would know she had interest in another man.  She would have to use her girls for therapy to get herself from under the spell of this man.  Her husband thinking he needed to do something different but the same as before, went back to wearing the same cologne he knows sexually arouses his wife.  He rushed out to the store and brought him the largest bottle they sold of this cologne.  When he got back home he could hear her telling her friends about their encounter.

He heard he say sex with him drives her mad and she need to have more and more of him everyday.  She hope that all her sexual attractions to him doesn’t drive him away because she really like what he does for her.  Think made him very excited and he wanted to do more to keep her excited.  He showered and then put on the cologne that made her crazy for sex with him.  He walked pass the door of her study several times, but nothing happened.  He couldn’t understand it.

He knocked on the door to her attention but she was heavy into the conversation that all she did was speak.  She inhaled and  the aroma captivated her desire to be pleased, so she told her girlfriends she will have to call them back.  She then undressed herself and  began to pleasure herself.  He stood in the doorway and watch as she brought pleasure to herself and he did the same.  Wishing it could have went different, he just ejaculated and went on his way.  Confused as to why she didn’t jump on his and have her way with him again, he just got in the truck and drove off.  He drove to his home boy’s house to talk this over with him.  Homeboy was home, so he decided to drive around and think on what happened.

Third Encounter 

She didn’t know where her husband went but her girls had asked her to come out with them for happy hour.  She didn’t mind anything to get her mind of this guy she never had a conversation with and probably never will.  Even though she had sexual fantasies about him while making love to her husband.  She showered and got dressed to head out to happy hour with her girls.  When she reached the lounge her girls was already there.  She parked right beside one of her girlfriends vehicle or at least it looks like hers. She joined them they had already ordered her a virgin sex on the beach.  She sat down with the saddest look upon her face.  Her girls were now more concern with this problem, but told her they cannot allow it to get in between her and her marriage.  She sulked and agreed.  As the night went on the stranger walked over to her and kindly introduced himself again.  She almost died when heard his deep powerful voice.  She looked up and saw 6’7″ of pure chocolate and melted in her chair.  Almost speechless she gathered herself up enough strength to say hello.  He asked could he be seated with her and before she could answer her girls left the table and offered him a seat.  She blushed and her heart started beating fast, throat got dry, hands started shaking and her vagina got wet.  She didn’t know if she should continue to sit there or should she walk away with her marriage on the line.  He talk to her about everything he could in reference to his business, life, family and wants as well as needs.  She was intrigue because not once did he mention sex.

He asked her to dance and so they did.  She grind on him as if he was her husband and he didn’t mind one bit.  Then he hit her with the question that make all women respond in a manner of like or dislike.  Are you as good in bed as you are on this dance floor?  She took a step back and gathered everything in her to walk away to keep her marriage intact.  She head back to the table with her girlfriends and told them she needs to leave right now before her marriage is over.  Her desire to withstand this man had left the soul she had promised to another.

She got in her car and drove straight home as fast as she could.  She saw that her husband was home and so she knew she would take all this sexual tension out on him.  She walked through the door and he came downstairs.  He said we need to talk but she rushed right to him and kissed him like she haven’t seem him all day.  Not sure what was going on he enjoyed the moment and will talk to her afterwards, if he could remember.

Tearing away his clothes she went down on him and he couldn’t believe it.  She haven’t given him oral sex in years.  He almost forgot the reason he truly could never let her go and this was it.  He couldn’t think anymore, she had stolen his soul.  He almost fell into a coma like stage of pure enjoyment.  He release and she caught it all.  She then walked away and into the shower.   As she walked up the stairs she asked him what was on his mind but as she looked back he was curled in a fetus position sleeping.  She knew she still had it.  She grabbed the blanket off the bed and took it to him so he wouldn’t wake with cold.  After she showered she went down and cooked dinner for the both of them and woke him from his slumber.

He woke and the both sat on the floor and ate dinner.  She knew now she was in more trouble then she thought because all the oral sex she just gave her husband was what she wanted to do to the stranger.

Once again I am going to leave you all right there and return tomorrow with the final conclusion of her last encounter.  

What Women Think Occassionally

What Women Think Occassionally

Goddess Morning Royals

First of all I am writing this because I received an email asking me am I always nice or do I have a naughty side as well.  No I am not talking about writing I am talking experience.  I replied yes and I will share with you. So here it goes.  Don’t judge me because it was when I was much younger.

Now ladies, you all know that I will never try to steer any of you in the wrong direction but let’s be honest here we all have experienced it once or twice.  Whether on not you acted on it is between you and your judgment day.

Okay so you and your significant other and you are in good space but not as great as it use to be.  The fire in your relationship is barely a spark but you keep trying to rekindle the flame.  Still it is just a spark!  So you think maybe a night on the town with the girls will and time away from one another will make you want them as bad as ever.  Now you know your girls and what they think of your significant other but still they are your girls and as long as they don’t speak out of tone with you in reference to it you really don’t care what they think.  Of course you go out and you know the bantering is going to start so you prepare for it.

First encounter

As they are going on and on you see him.  The mold that the Lord had made from his own hands.  Everything thing around you moves into the background and the only thing you can do is speak.  Hello you both say as you walk pass one another.  The immediate look at the package happen and then you smile.  Yes, fellows we check the junk and see if it is worth the time.  The package is looking full and you are not in the market but boy if you only could order you up some of that.  Then you are snatched out of the fantasy by your girls who is still going on about your significant other, but all you can do is smile.  They look back and caught why you are smiling.  They give you the okay but you already know it’s only because they hate the one you are with.  You all continue on with your night but the guy is still lingering in your thoughts.  You felt a connection but only want the package.  Then it happen, he have sent a friend over to tell you his name and give you his number.  Your girls are encourage the misbehavior but you just don’t know what to do now since it is a reality and no longer just a fantasy.

You tell the friend, I am sorry but I am involved.  One of your girls speaks up for you, takes the number and tell the friend, she’ll be calling him.  You are stunned by the look and the package of this man but in your heart of hearts you know you have a significant other at home.  The night ends and your girl slips the number in your pocket and say good night.  When you get in you significant other shows interest in your night but not really paying much attention.  You however, never mention the stranger or the encounter at all.

Second encounter

You and your significant other is out and who do you see while trying to fire where there were once flames, the fantasy.  You get aroused and asked your significant other isn’t it a nice day to be a little naughty.  He says yes and then kisses you in public, thinking that is naughty to him.  You kisses him back with such passion and he is then turned on but at the same time a little embarrassed.  The whole time your eyes is focused on the prize at hand.  He pulls you back from his lips only to inform you that you haven’t kissed him like that in a while.  He wants to know what have come over you.  All you want to do right now is tear his clothes off and have sex with him but he’s not there.

The stranger sees and speaks to you.   You see him coming your way, afraid he will come and speak you avoid eye contact.  He walks right by you.  His scent captures your nose and it is the cologne that drives you crazy.  Your significant other smells it and knows that it makes you horny.  He quickly ask are you hungry because I am starved.  You tell him no, food isn’t want you are craving right now.  The look in your eyes tells him exactly what you need so you both head home.  The whole ride home you are panting, he drives faster.  The moment you all pull in the driveway you jump on him and go for it.  Not caring if the neighbors see or not.  You have to release and now.  He never saw you like that and  damn he is loving it.  Afterwards you stagger into the house, to clean up and eat.  He follows, but the idea of the stranger is still on your mind so you attack him again, taking what you need and nothing more.  Twice he says, wow I need to go back to that cologne.  You never reply, you just need to release again.

I am going to stop right here but I will be back Thursday for more encounters and how I survived the whole scenario, winning the battle, but losing the war.  

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Timeless Tuesday

Timeless Tuesday

Goddess Morning Royals

Well we are back with another Timeless Tuesday and all I can say is how thankful and grateful I am to have timeless moments to share with the people I love. I have always had someone to share in special moments with because I have an enormous family.  We may all get along but I get along with them all and some more than others.  See I love my family and pray they love me as well.  If not I can deal, but I still love them.  Every now and again I spend quality time with someone who wants me to be around, and we manage to always have a great time.

We all may not have a wonderful time as a whole but in parts it is just wonderful.  I understand that not all personalities can get along even though they are from the same tree.  I understand that not all the branch like to be bonded together by the bark of that tree but the leaves on tree can get along and sway in the wind together just fine.  Still I try my best to make every moment count and worth my attention and love.  I can only continue to pray for the day when we all can just get along and be the family in which the Lord have made.  That my friends will be the ultimate Timeless Tuesday that will warm my heart until the Lord calls me home.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

The Lord’s Work

The Lord’s Work

Goddess Morning Royals

Last night storm brought me back to my childhood.  It reminded me so much of when my mother or my grandmother depending on which house I was at when the storm hit, telling me to sit in silence while the Lord does his work.

My grandmother use to say when the thunder was at its loudest is when the Lord and the Devil was fighting over Earth and all it’s souls.  When the lightning strikes is when the Lord had to make his strike known that the people of Earth was his and his only.  The rain was the Lord’s cry for not saving all his children from the Devi’s rein.

We had to sit in silence so we will know our fate and if the Lord won our continuous life on this planet.  Nothing could be on no tv, no talking, no lights, no music, and definitely no moving.  Everything had to stop and wait for the results of the battle for life on Earth.  Still to this day I do the same thing and my children think I am weird for it, but they do as they are told and wait to see if they still have life afterwards.

I tell them they know because no harm came to them in this battle for life, just as it was told to me.  The rain always makes me tired and sleepy though.  I usually just go to sleep and wake to the aftermath of the battle.  I know that it is the best time to get some rest and to allow my body to recuperate.  I rejoice in the aftermath for I know that the Lord has victory over my life again.  Thank you Lord for everything.  In the Holy name I pray Amen.

How do you and your family handle the storm?

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

Continuous Prayer

Goddess Morning Royals

I come to you with a heavy heart but still full of love.  I have been on my knees with the Lord asking him for understanding and leadership.  I need for him to help me understand when he wants something from these people and have something to give in replace why is it that they don’t sit in wait for it.

My daughter has been injured twice in a two-week period.  I had to ask her what didn’t you do that the Lord asked of you for the devil got close and burned you.  She didn’t respond because she really had none.  She just nodded her head in shame and went on about her business.  I come to the realization that I have done all I can do until I can’t do no more.  She have to want better for herself and not glam and the wrong attention.  She has to want more out of life than what she is getting and the only person you can make her see is the Lord.  I just pray she sees before it is too late to open her eyes to anything.

As a mother or a parent period we have to guide them but we can only lead them part of the way.  They have to find the rest of the way on their own.  There are some that aren’t being show even a step of the way and that’s where I believe my journey is going to lead me.  All I know is that wherever the Goddess is needed is where I shall be.  I am never done is home but I have to step aside and allow the Lord to do his work for I think I have overstepped my work and tread into his lane if you will.

I shall continue to pray for all and listen to my message from the Lord to come through, until then love, support and be a blessing to someone other than yourself.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove

I Heard The Village Cry

Goddess Morning Royals.

First, Praise THE LORD for allowing the surgery to go as well as it did for my daughter yesterday and blessing my daughter will continuous life.  Thank him for the blessing the surgeon and keeping him and his mind, body and soul in great spirits.  Bless the staff at the hospital for taking such good care of her.  Thank you Lord, thank you!

Welcome to life and love this Saturday morning.  I’m going to start a small women’s group to assist with life in general.  We will deal with issues of our children, love, life and finances.  We will build on positivity and work on entrepreneurship.  We will start small hopefully and grow into a movement of women empowering other women.

I am calling it #TheVillageCry.  We have to do something because our children, and young fathers are leaving our families to fast and very frequently.  They are ending up dead or in jail, which to me is like been wounded and no one is there to care for them.  I am starting it in a few weeks so I am making plans now this day.  I’m making T-shirts and pamphlets as we speak.  I can no longer standby and watch the destruction of our youth, which is our future.  I am looking for a space to rent until I am able to purchase a permanent space.  This movement is of the Lords because he is the one that sent it to me.  Look for it coming soon.


As I sat down on the steps of my home tired from my day, I could hear weeping.

It was mild but still I could hear it.

At times it would get so loud I could barely think.

I got up from my steps in search of its location

I thought it sounded like it was coming from the West of me.

So, I traveled West.  No, I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I return to my home, and the weeping start to form from the East.

So, I traveled East.  No, I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I returned to my home, and the weeping started to come from the South of me.

So, I traveled South. Still I didn’t find it, but it was strong in that direction I could swear.

Then I returned to my home, and the weeping started again but now North of me.

So, I traveled North. I did not find it, but it was strong in that direction this I swear by.

Then I returned to my home.  The weeping never stopped but got louder at times.

It sounded like a mother, then again it sounds like a father, either way I wanted to know who was crying.

Then a scream hit me like a ton of bricks almost knocking me to my feet it was harsh.

That’s when it became clear and the sound was now just a steady cry, Why Lord?! Why?!

I had no idea where it was coming from, so I felt to my knees and started to pray with the cry.

Dear Lord

Hear our cry for we are hurting and suffering and asking why.

We want the pain to stop but aren’t sure how but we need for it to stop and now.

We just want to live in peace and walk with joy, for happiness is our goal and love is the mission.

We want to watch our children grow and nourish into families as you have planned, but the Devil is diverting your plans.

Lord we are on our hands and knees asking for your mercy.

Spare your children from the pain and suffering.

Cover them in the blood and protect them from harm.

We have suffered enough and plea on the blood for redemption and mercy.

Stop the violence that plague our communities and the loss that haunt the mother’s and father’s soul.

Provide them with strength and guide them with love so they will have the knowledge they seek to help stop the young children from self-destruction.

Be the foundation for the village needs you and cry out for you in ways that makes the heart bleed.

See the blood shed for we know it is too much, whether it is rap, murder, shootings, stabbings, or vehicular.

Know we understand and is calling on you Lord for guidance, for we are no more.

In the holy name we pray AMEN.

When I rose, I was told to bring the people together and create a new Village and so I am.

Welcome to the Village.

Sending you all love and kisses. #GoddessLove

Unappreciated or Disrespected

Unappreciated or Disrespected

Goddess Morning Royals

I have several conversations with several family members over the years and it always come back to the same shit.  When doing something for someone, in return they feel unappreciated or disrespected.  I too use to feel this way but I had to let that part of me go and for these reasons.

  1. Am I doing this for this person for clout?
  2. Am I doing this to get something out of it?
  3. Am I doing this to be respected by this person?
  4. Am I doing this for me?

Asking myself these questions lead me to these answers

  1. No, what clout has to do with anything.  If I am always the helper what clout am I building on to get back.
  2. No, because I am a good person and can do something without needing something in return.
  3. No, if they didn’t respect me before I did what I did they damn sure isn’t going to do so afterwards.
  4. No, what am I getting out of the deal if no respect is attached to it, nothing is going to come back in return and it’s not like I am getting recognition for it.

I do things for people because I am generally a good person, but I am also not stupid.  If I believe or see that you are going to dog me or continue to want from to just to use me.  I will say no to things you may very well need and not just want.

I say all this because I see people’s hearts get broken because they did something for someone they cared for, loved, or just felt bad for, but their was an alternative motive behind their assistance.

  1. If I do this for you, you are going to owe me one.
  2. If I do this then when you get this you give me that.
  3. If I do this for you go have to go out with me.
  4. If I do this you and I are dating.
  5. If I do this for you, you have to do something special for me.
  6. If I do this for you, I’m going to need it back immediately.

Now let evaluate the “if” factor.

  • If the could give one back to you they wouldn’t ask you for one? Correct!  If that was they case then they could have just held out to get that one themselves.
  • If they get something and you want it and they don’t give it to you?  Do you have a fit or just take what you believe to be rightfully your?
  • If they wanted to go out with you I don’t think you would have to do them a favor first.  They would have liked you enough to just go out with you but that isn’t the case now is it.
  • If they wanted to date you they would have shown interest in you and not the favor they are asking of you.  They would have just use all of them to get all of what you offer, but they didn’t just asked for a favor.
  • Now come on, if they wanted to do something special for you they would have but they didn’t, but just asked you to do something for them.
  • If they could pay you back immediately, they would just wait it out but obviously they can’t pay you back immediately.

When you alternative motive is to get something back and they didn’t express that they were giving you something but what you gave them then I think you are the one who is disrespectful.  Stop looking for something in return!  When God see you gave from the heart he will be the only one giving you something back and ten fold.  If you are going to be a blessing to someone just be that blessing to them and stop looking for things in return.  God is your blessing and he knows that all your promises is going to come with fault, but that doesn’t stop him from giving.  Does it! NO, he gives without really getting anything in return.  All he ask is that you stay true to him and yourself.  I don’t think that is much to ask of you.  So the next time you are ask or in divine favor of someone else, please don’t allow an alternative motive to be behind it because it may not end in your favor at all.  If you can be appreciative of what God gives you then allow other to be appreciative of what God is allow you to give to them.  That mean you are blessed enough to give and divine enough to receive greater for your blessing.

Don’t feel unappreciated because they aren’t able to give back what you were able to give to them.  Just know that God saw it and that your greater blessing or equal blessing is on the way.  Don’t feel disrespected when you feel unappreciated because you gave without wanting anything in return in the beginning.  It is only when you have an alternative motive behind it, is when you feel disrespected and unappreciated.  Learn from your blessings and move on.

Sending you all love and kisses.  #GoddessLove