The Other Woman “She’s More Than a Friend”

Goddess Afternoon Royals. A new book in the works Hello everyone my name is Joanne Writ and I am a happily married woman well at least I was a happily married woman. Come to think of it maybe I wasn’t never happy just content with the idea of belonging in a place and to someone.Continue reading “The Other Woman “She’s More Than a Friend””

Friday 13th

First and foremost Goddess Morning to you all.  Second sending a Happy Birthday to my Father LeRoy A. Spann Sr. (April 13, 1948 – April 21, 2005). Continue to Walk with the Lord.  Now down to business! So this day is supposed to make people afraid of living, going outside and enjoying life.  I won’tContinue reading “Friday 13th”

Intimate Thoughts Straight From The Heart

Misunderstood Child People misunderstand that I am a child; a very special child, but a child nevertheless.  Each and every day I try to do my best.  I get out of bed the same way they do, feet first on the floor and into my slippers too.  I do all the things normal people do,Continue reading “Intimate Thoughts Straight From The Heart”