Independence day

Gm all.  R u a leader or a follower?  2day all ur independence 2 mean that u will not b enslaved in ur own mind.  That freedom is 4 everyone.  That there will b no killings.  That u are in control of ur mind,  actions,  body & u have a soul.  C if u can b the bigger person and walk away with ur pride and dignity still in tact bcuz words r just those words.  Don’t allow anyone control over ur freedom wherein u have b told what 2 do our how to live 4 the rest of ur life.  Wherein u have 2 live in hiding or undercover 4 the remainder of ur life.  Show the children we are adults & we know how 2 act civilized. Allow everyone 2 live n peace, harmony, joy,  happiness & love. B the guide & leader u family needs. B sum1 sunshine where there is none. Njoy ur day! Love u all.  Muwah talk 2 u all 2morrow alive.  Kisses &hugs.