It’s funny how advice is always given to you even when it’s not needed, by someone who is either in a bad relationship or have no significant other.  They can tell you what’s messed up about your lover.  Can give you the ramifications of your life but have no idea what’s going on in their own.

Relationships are made up of three rules that must be upheld:

Intimacy – The bond which, should never be broken.

Reverence – Opinions of others is worth more than love alone.

Sincerity – the one thing that makes you loves more and want more of your significant other.

With all of these things comes communication and faith amongst one another.  Better sex, love, desire, togetherness, passion, dedication, and the ability to weather any storm, graze any plan, overcome any obstacle in your way. 

Listen because I am only going to say this once if your partner cannot battle the storm, leave in the mist of war or argument, then he/she is not the one. 

Believe it or not the problem is not resolved until it is weighted against all odds. 

Both participants must agree open heartily or lightning will strike again, and when it do if the problem hasn’t been dealt with, then you will feel the power of an hurricane upon your shoulders.

Believe that there is someone for you do not settle for anything, if you do I guarantee that there will be more rough road to surpass.

Where I Live

Where I Live

In the city of shame and yes everyone is to blame.
Abandonment looks so foreal, vacant and burned down houses.
Children walking around ominously, what’s the deal.
Because in this state 16, school you don’t have to attend.
So their English they shall never begin.
Their souls they shall never mend and their needs for the children  has come to an end.
This is where I live.

Where violence is the entertainment and sexuality is a sign of displacement.
Where no one cares anymore,
Where folks even get killed at God’s doors,
And freedom is no more.
Where drugs is the teams project and the corner is the workplace.
Where killing is an acceptance and life is a
This is where I live.
Where gangs is your families, and love one is the target.
Where homes are lost and job applications are no longer expected.
Where hope is gone and pride is pushed aside.
Enough is enough.

Stand up sisters and brothers take back what is yours.
Your children, no our children, our lives, our streets, our dignity, our pride, our hopes, our dreams, our lover, our faith, our destiny, our beliefs, our lives, and now live where you want to live.