Okay so I have put a lot of projects on hold for the moment, because of life changing results. Im learning more about me & how I allow others to holdĀ  a part of my feelings when clearly they just don’t deserve them. However, I am a very emotional person but don’t allow that about me or anyone to fool you. We may have a lot of feelings & emotions we show but most of us, especially me, have a dark side. I can be your best friend & your worst enemy, if provoked! I love without reason or cause but can dislike because & w/reason. Do yourself & I a favor stay on my good side :). That where I believe I always want people to be on my safe side, being happy as a clam. For these ungodly acts I have put things on hold so anger wouldn’t hinder my ability to complete anything successfully & w/great senses of accomplishments. I love doing & being helpful but can’t do anything if anger is a part of it because there will be no joy or pleasure in it for me. So being on hold is the best option for me, it may not be a solution but a option.
Thank you all for your patient & support for all that I do but mostly for all that you do. You all are greatly appreciated! Keep up the excellent work!