Missing You

I love you without a shadow of a doubt. Im missing you so much right now. I only want to see you, hear you, touch you & hold you. I dream about what our lives would be like if you were still here with me. Our son asks question of why & I can’t answer him. All I can say is God needed him for a job & he couldn’t say no. I try not to have him think so much of the people who murdered you but of the fact that you are gone. God truly have an angel with him even though you made mistakes here in the end you knew you were wrong & repented your sins. So he has accepted an angel & im missing one. I will never say goodbye because I know you are here with us forever. But I will say rest in eternal peace with our Father until the day we can be together again. Love you infinite.


So this has been on my mind for sometime now! The government as well as the whole system is designed to fail all people. The Constitution is a contradiction in itself. It is design to give you false hope & then rob you of your rights, unless you can manipulate it to your satisfaction of course. Example:
Why is it that you can drop out of school at the age of sixteen but not considered grown until you are eighteen & allow to go to the war & kill but aren’t allowed to drink until the age of twenty-one?

Ok so I’m grown enough to drop out of school & my parents cannot force me back to school if I choose not to go,but they have to take care of me until I am eighteen. In which the service (U.S. Government) say I can go out & kill “enemies” but I am not responsible enough to drink until I am twenty-one. Literally how much sense does that make? Why would you even think in that state of mind to allow them to have that much control or power over your life?

Why the constitution says you have the right to bare arms but have to get a permit & approval to get a gun?

You don’t have the right to protect yourself in your own home unless someone gives you permission to do so. If its a constitutional amendment then why you need permission from someone else to protect yourself. Then when you get permission it is only for your home so on the streets your exactly a sitting duck. I do however understand that it is enough violence on the streets & enough guns as well but it is the innocent that is murdered everyday because of the lack of police protection.
Side Note:
“With the recent events taking place in the news in the case of Trayvon Martin being murdered for no reason or just because he was black.”

I am so sadden by all the recent events going on in this world! The lack of respect for humans life, the burning of others beliefs, the under protection of the people paid to protect us, the growing rate of unemployment, & the lack of health care for people.

Why is the world going to hell in a hand basket fast & in a hurry with no room for improvement. Get it together people & look at what life hand has dealt you. If its not what you thought or anticipated it to be then do something about it now before its too late. Remember this you only get one life to live & if you don’t have anything to show for it then you haven’t lived this life you were given.


Name _________________________________________  DOB ___-___-_____

Address __________________________________________________________________________

City _____________________________ State __________________________ Zip ____________

Reason for applying _____________________________________________________________

Qualifications _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Skills or Person Attributes _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Status _____ Single _____ Married _____ Divorced ______ Complicated

Desires/Pleasures ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Maryland Law

Same Sex Marriage (SSM) has been enter into Law as of February 2012 and that’s great but Self Defense Law has yet to be properly introduced into law. Governor O’Malley thinks by enter same sex marriage into law that he has secured voters for his somehow plan to become President of the United States. Sorry this just doesn’t work for me. Maryland laws sucks flat out! I am not a woman against (SSM) but I am a woman who is against the unfair practice of the self defense law in Maryland.
Well here is a concept for you to ponder why don’t you: You and you significant other is walking downtown harbor and a stranger walks by no need for panic nothing occurs but then any stranger walks by still nothing takes place. Then all of a sudden the two guys that walk pass is now beating the crap out of your significant other. They think you two are helpless but your not. You start to fight back and one of the guys ends up dead. Well here is how it works in Maryland, you are your significant other is being arrested and charged with 1st degree murder. Why? Because Maryland so call self defense law only protect you if you are in your home or place of business and someone comes in there and attacks you, not if you are on the streets. So I ask you where is Maryland praise to Governor O’Malley now? Doesn’t seem to be any!
Why is it that as citizens of the fair & just State, we can marry who we want but cannot defend them? So as far as I am concerned Maryland will never get crime off the streets because the streets are more protected than the citizens!
Ponder on that for a minute, ok now this: Okay you are shot on the streets of Baltimore but you have a registered gun & fires back. The person who shot you dies or is in serious conditions. He decides he is going to sue you and want you to do jail time. Well he is the bad part about that is you are going to be sue & yes you are going to do jail time. Why? Because like I said the streets are more protected than you are. You were suppose to suffer the blow & dial 911 so that the person who shot you could go to jail and lawyer up then be back on the streets while you suffer damages. Here’s the plus you can sue him though for damages but if he doesn’t have anything or money then you are wasting your time.
Now here is where I come in, I have started rewriting Maryland’s so called Self Defense law so that Marylanders can have a fighting chance in this unfair State of ours.  It is a injustice when the only thing law makers are concern about is numbers & not the people who place their asses there. But is is amazing how much they care when running for office.  We the people as a whole need to standup & press forward for the things we need & believe in that will better our streets for ourselves & our children.
“Quote” If a man doesn’t stand for something he will fall for anything!”
Well I say that a man that just stand & doesn’t move forward is just standing. It isn’t enough to just standup anymore moving forward is a must or your voice losses sound & your stand losses ground. We as citizens all over this world has to learn to voice ourselves & stop letting fake, money hungry, lying, deceitful, cheating, back stabbing politicians speak for us because they aren’t saying what they people are saying they are saying what other dictators are saying.
The land of the free my ass! The land of the imprisoned is more like it!
We are no more free here in the United States then those in other countries.