Truth of the Soul

I live in a world all on my own, looking out into the heart and soul of the earth.
Trying to figure out where did mankind go wrong, but coming up empty.
Everyday another body slayed by the hands of man or shall I say a coward.
How can someone love life but respect one else’s but want or demand respect for theirs.
God is the creator and the destroyer so why is the devil playing games with your mind, because you are a weak soul unable to think for yourself or recognize when you’re being played as a sucker.
Stupid as I have done as stupid as I have become.
Dare to be me to show myself I can do!
To my own soul I have become untrue.
I lie to get the truth of another, I have drown out my sister and turn my back on my brother.
I asked for nothing but requested everyone to live I have peace.
Whiles facing hell, I wanted heaven.
Embracing danger I looked for salvation, a place to go to redeem my spirit after causing so much pain and suffering.
Idolizing fear, but desiring hope for I knew deep within I could do better than I am.
Blessing negativity and working positivity out of my life only to indulge in more negative behavior.
Influencing damn nation and worshiping dishonesty for all.
Watching horror grow within me not caring what happens to me.
This is my past and present state of mind.
Also my present and future state of mind is in for a change.
Getting into step with life, realizing I only live once and not twice.
Doing thing different, learning new directions, implementing love where I’m needed.
Earning my way while counting my blessings.
Caring and cherishing others wishes and feeling of life.
Uplift ideas and understandings of people intertwining in my life.
Growing into another women not different but better!
This is the Truth of the Soul!  

Teaching Love


Is it possible to teach someone how to love you?

I’m not talk about making love to you, but how to truly love you! I pose this question because so many of us try so hard to make the person we are in love with love us the same. Mentally, physically, socially, sexually, and in every aspect of the word, but without complete knowledge of the basics of love. We believe that since we love a certain way that the person we are with should love either equally or more, but in reality we’re not sure if they love at all. Then the wheels of hope, lust, determination, compromise, and despair kicks in, trying to convince ourself of this person love but not knowing the level of love we have for ourselves. To truly be happy we adjust our love for ourselves to suit the love we have for another. Creating certain animosity towards people and even within. Growing angry with life on a daily basis but not knowing the only person to blame is oneself. We tend to look at others in different light or awkwardly because self preservation is up in arms and we as humans refuse to start within with problems and concerns but rather point the finger instead.
So I pose the question again; is it possible to teach someone how to love you?

Remember this in order to give or receive complete and untainted love you must first unconditionally love yourself and only then will you be able to answer this question or receive the love you deserve!

Prayer Request


Lord I come before you with troubling hearts of worry for love ones; friends of love ones; and so many more. We are in need of your mercy Lord for our love one’s suffer. Only you knows their pain we just know of our love for them because we have become accustom to their presence and their hearts. But you Lord you know so much more, you know what right for them we only know what we aren’t ready to accept and that death. So even though my prayer is for the sick, weary, and shut in, its for those who hearts will ache in their absence. I ask Lord that in you movement because you never move wrong you reach out and touch the hearts of those who are aching from worry for those love ones lost, gone home, bare holding on, and just getting started w/life. I ask that you cover the family and friends in the blood of Jesus and help them to remember you pain as well. Help them to understand you suffered a great lost as well and that their lost is no lesser than your but you will/walk w/them in their time of need. Not all will cross over some will make a recovery because it maybe their storm but not their time. So help weather the pain of all who is of your loving, merciful, wonderful, anointed powers and bless their hearts and spirits. Guide their footsteps, mind, body and soul away from selfish thoughts and ignorance. Place them in a better mind frame and space so they too can understand your direction. In Jesus name I pray, hear my prayer request, Amen!

Economic Hardship

We as Americans are facing hard times as a whole but individually you can say your situation is different. That’s understandable considering no two families live alike or think alike nor received the same income. But as the head of the household we must learn how to adjust our spending habits, eating habits, waste habits, as well as living habits to the custom of our finances. The government adjust our needs for us when they aren’t sure what our needs are. They have a poverty chart that tells us how much a household size is suppose to make in order to not live in poverty according to an expert, but once again not all live, eat, and think the same so that chart is truly inaccurate. No one know your live status or life style but you so you are the one that needs to adjust or accommodate your life to suite your needs. Remember prices are going up but increase of living in your pay isn’t. Most of us have to hold down two jobs just to make ends meet. So readjusting our life styles is to most a task w/in itself but for others its common sense. So if the government is your shoulder to lean on remember just lean don’t let it become your support blanket because you will fall victim to its side effects; lazy, content with depression, associate it with permanent income and not temporary income. Allow yourself to become economically financial again instead of entertaining economic hardship.

So if your trade or talent is one that can bring you income then turn that into your

business! Not matter what it is; cooking, cleaning, doing hair, doing nails, fixing up houses, or whatever the case

maybe then that is where your income should come from and don’t worry about all the other people in the world that can do the same thing just remember they might not doing as great a job as you


So the next time the government says no you say yes!

Oh How Good the Lord has Been to Me!

Psalm 13:1-6 KJV

How long wilt thou forget me, O Lord? for ever? how long wilt thou hide thy face from me? How long shall I take counsel in my soul, having sorrow in my heart daily? how long shall mine enemy be exalted over me? Consider and hear me, O Lord my God: lighten mine eyes, lest I sleep the sleep of death; Lest mine enemy say, I have prevailed against him; and those that trouble me rejoice when I am moved. But I have trusted in thy mercy; my heart shall rejoice in thy salvation. I will sing unto the Lord, because he hath dealt bountifully with me.

Oh He woke me up this morning and gave me strength to realize I didn’t need to hold on to the past to make the future look bright! He brought me from hurt and pain to comfort and understanding! He touched each and every last child of mine and allowed them to breathe another day, to live another day, to rejoice another day! I couldn’t ask for more, but he saw within Himself to give me more! He made a way when I thought I was at my end and He continue to bless me as we speak because the spirit in me is allowing me to share with you all. Oh you have no idea what He can do and what He has done for me and my family and we are and always will be eternally grateful to Him and for Him. We praise him all day and all night. We are even thankful when we think we should have and He doesn’t allow us to have, because we understand it is not ours or our season to have. Oh thank you Lord God for everything, in Jesus name, Amen! 


This is personal for me, because I thought I would never get over my ex!

I’m in a better place after long prayers and endless nights of crying from heartache. I can finally say I have closure so I can move on w/my life. I didn’t think it would ever happen and it was keeping me from future endeavors and relationships. Worrying about what the ex was doing and who it was with, now I have clarity. I can see my future w/my husband and know that nothing can tare us apart or down. I wasn’t holding out for my ex just holding on to the love we shared, but not realizing it was done and gone. Friends, yes we can be that but I had to ask for friendship from the Lord because just saying wasn’t enough, I had to live it and believe in it. I was lost w/in myself for so long that I thought ridiculously I had to be in this person’s presence to be seen not knowing I had left a strong enough mark on them already wherein they were hurting for attention just as much as I was. Today, I can say strongly, firmly and with conviction say that I am in a better place, state of mind, and spiritual setting that encountering them will be no heartache and pain. So I say thank you first to my Lord and Savior for allowing me the chance to experience both love, and heartache, but most of all recovery from it. Secondly to you for the good and bad times, love, and pain but most of all time and opportunity of knowing and loving you. But at last our time has past and I am now on a new journey to be a loving, caring, devoted, faithful, loyal wife and expect nothing less in return. Love you take care old friend! Best wishes in your future endeavors as well, until our path cross again but not as lover but as friends, enjoy!


Friendship can only mean a much as the friend holding the relationship at value!

If your morals and values are low or pointless so is the friendship! You can value anything in life if you have no real value within yourself. Understand that your opinions are just that if the y carry no weight or point then why verbalize them to any conversation or matter concerning others. Friendships should hold merit to everyone not just the one with love and honor but to the one who comes up short. This way no one come up short in a real friendship.
If I can give 100% then you should be able to match that in every aspect of the word friendship!

I hold my friendship as well as my relationship in the greatest of standards but not the same standards. However, my friends are there forever; my relationship is not a guarantee! Men and women are going to come and go I begin your life but once you claim true friendship it is always and forever.